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A Mark Training Co. is an online ESL school. We provide courses and live classes for students. We also provide opportunities for ESL teachers to teach these classes.

Start with IELTS Speaking (21 Day Schedule). Then move to IELTS Academic Writing Task 1.

Take live IELTS Speaking classes over the internet. 
Take live IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 classes in person.*

*In Vancouver or Maillardville, Canada when health restrictions are lifted.

IELTS Speaking Course (21 Day Schedule)

Go to the 21 Day Sequential Schedule to begin preparing for your first class (Free Online Preparation with registration on the PFT website).
Take paid live classes with a teacher. Start your application now.
Go to the 21 Day Sequential Schedule to begin preparing online for your first class.

IELTS Speaking Tasks (Class #1 Materials)

IELTS Academic Writing Preparation

Academic Writing Task 1
Go to the Writing Task 1 Module List to begin preparing for your classes (Free online preparation).
Academic Writing Task 2
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Prepare Feedback Train Blog

Background for Teachers
Read about PFT as a learning system and about some things that teachers can think about to improve their teaching programs and classes.
By Bardman Khan

We begin with some fictional scenarios both within and extraneous to ESL teaching and learning in which preparation leads to favorable results. I will then promote three key principles of preparation to consider...Read more

IELTS Speaking Module #1 (Before Teaching with PFT)

Use the Module #1 IELTS Speaking Teacher Notes (Lesson 1a and Lesson 1b free no registration required) to prepare for your first teaching practice lesson.

IELTS Speaking Module #1 (After Teaching a PFT Live Class)
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