Sheryl was a recent college graduate who has developed an interesting and potentially profitable computer software product. She decided that she wanted to present her business plan to a group of angel investors in order to raise capital to launch her business. However, she had never made this sort of pitch before. She knew her product well and had explained what it was to some of her friends and family members, so she felt confident in that area. My friend Ron was hired as a tutor/coach to help her succeed during the presentation.

If you have any experience with presenting business plans to investors, you probably know that it can be a nerve-racking experience, especially for a young entrepreneur looking for money for the first time. Ron was already aware of the value of expectational knowledge. In order to build up her knowledge of the event itself, he gave her some links to some popular websites outlining what a good business pitch entails. Here are the list of main points that he wanted her to be aware of before she met him to practice:

What do you think these points were?

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