Now planting is not just sticking your shovel into the ground and shoving a tree into the hole you see. Trees must be planted to certain specifications. If the root of the tree is bent at the tip, it is called a J root (due to the shape the root takes when you look at it upright). J roots are fault trees and need to be uprooted and replanted.

Other faults include a tree being planted too shallow or too deep. Tree planters must not only plant trees to a certain quality, they must also plant trees within a specified density. There must be a certain number of trees within a certain radius depending on the contract with the forestry company. This means that if a checker comes onto your land and sticks a pole in the ground attached to a rope of a specified length, they should find the correct number of correctly planted trees within that circumference. If the checker finds too many faults, the planters must drop their bags, dig up every tree on that plot of land and replant. And that is never fun.

On top of this, planting is a job of routine. The best planters have a technique down pat, which allows them to plant trees quickly while maintaining quality.

The first week in The Nursery for Bill was...

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