In a state of despair, Bill packed up his tent and drove back to Vancouver.

This posed a problem for the foreman of the crew. He had just lost a planter, which would affect productivity. How could the foreman keep rookie planters from quitting after the first week without coddling them? After all, the foreman himself was once a tree planter. After a few years of experience and success as a planter, the company had promoted him to this new position.

Instead of shaking his head at Bill and letting him go, the foreman decided to do something different. First, he found a way to get a hold of Bill in Vancouver. The foreman then convinced Bill to pack his gear and take a bus (to be paid by the company) back up to the planting block just north of Prince George. Once Bill arrived, the foreman set up a short training session for Bill. He invited a few of the senior tree planters into the administration tent to talk to him.

Their job was to simply relay experiences. Their responses were varied, but they all went something like this...

What kind of experiences do you think the senior planters conveyed to Bill?

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