"My first paycheque was a bill too. Now I am making $300 a day minimum. It took me about a month to get to that point. Trust the foreman. He will get you through it. I'm tired so I am going to bed now."

Well, the last part was implied by the exhausted looks many of their faces, but as each of them made this statement, Bill began to gain a sense of assurance. Even though he could not see the fruits of his labor immediately, he began to develop trust in the process based on the evidence presented to him through the experience of the senior planters.

The next week, Bill began to think about his technique relative to his colleagues. He started to watch the other planters carefully when he was on the same plot of land. He did not think about money as much as when he first started but rather concentrated on consistency while planting. The next week Bill cleared $100. The following week he doubled his income.

It turned out that all Bill needed...

What was it that Bill had needed?

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