Ron asked me for help with this student, and we talked about the same things as you as an expert in your own area of teaching are possibly aware of.

From your experience, you might know that when a student is preparing for an event, there are often many things going through their minds. Their ideas of success can be very different from the ones derived your own expertise knowledge. One way to help Sheryl focus was to provide a list of assessment criteria by which he would evaluate her work during the training session. By providing these evaluation criteria beforehand, he would be asking Sheryl to focus on what he, as the expert, considered the most important points she needed to concentrate on.

Ron had already done half of the work by paraphrasing the main points for her to notice during her pre-session reading, so we sat down together and worked out a list of assessment criteria for her to have in her possession as she was preparing for the training session. Here is what we came up with:

5= excellent 4= very good 3= average 2= not so good 1= poor

In your practice business pitch, you...

What criteria can you come up with?

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