The first week in The Nursery for Bill was one of the worst of his life. He couldn't seem to get his technique right. The training foreman would come back, check his trees and make him replant them to meet quality standards. Sometimes he planted too many trees within a plot and sometimes not enough.

You can imagine the feeling that Bill had when he received his first paycheck. In this company, paychecks are handed out to the planters once every two weeks. In this particular company, the paycheck contained a detailed breakdown of trees planted. Workers are paid on a per tree planted basis. This is tracked through the number of stickers peeled from the empty boxes in the planter's cache at the end of the working day, which is either at 5:30 or 6:00 sharp. No more planting after that or you miss the truck ride back to camp. Deductions are also included on the bi-weekly paycheck. Planters must provide their own tents to stay in while on the job, but the food, water and toilets are provided by the company. This cost is deducted from the planter's paycheck.

Bill received a bill instead of a cheque. His paid tree count did not exceed the camp costs. In a state of despair, Bill...

What do you think Bill did?

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