Linda is teaching upper beginner level students in a General English class. The objective of the class is to better enable her students to use the Present Perfect to talk about personal experiences. For example:

I have been to Australia.
I have never eaten Sushi before.
She has ridden a motorcycle before.
They both have studied English in their own countries.

She has decided to set a Find Someone Who (FSW) task in class to practice this language item during class. For those of you who are not familiar, a FSW worksheet looks something like this:

Find Someone Who

Walk around the class and talk to your classmates. Write their name in the gap if the information is true for them. Then ask a follow up question about that experience.

____________ has been to 5 different countries
____________ has eaten Sushi before
____________ has never rollerbladed around Stanley Park.
____________ (travel / alone)
____________ (see / a polar bear)
____________ (sail on a ship)
____________ ______________________________

FSW's are standard practice activities for a language item which has either been presented or noticed by the students.

How could she set some preparation tasks for this activity?

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