Here are the list of main points that he wanted her to be aware of before she met him to practice:

  • Presenting clear information in a succinct manner is better than explaining everything in your business plan
  • Present facts about your business idea rather than guess about its future
  • Make sure your assumptions are defendable
  • Look for ways to save money in your operating budget
  • Start with a focus on a single product
  • Don't try to be smarter than the people you are presenting to

Sheryl was a motivated and diligent student. She also paid good money to take the training session with Ron, so he was fairly confident that she would put in the work before class. However, the texts that he wanted her to read was full of extra information, which was useful but not necessarily vital to what he wanted her to be able to demonstrate in class at this point. Therefore, he needed a way for her to prioritize and look at the important information first. But how could he guide his student to be equally focused? Because Sheryl hired him to increase her chances of success during the actual business pitch, he wanted her to run through her presentation at least once in front of him so that he might be able to provide her with guidance and suggestions about how to make it better.

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