However, Bill was also made aware that the money had the potential to be quite good. Some of his friends were making over 10,000 CAD per summer. With earnings like that, he could and would pay for university in the fall with a few leftover bucks for a decent social life.

When Bill arrived at the camp, he was excited to see so many tree planters. They were mostly around his age and physical stature. The first week for Bill was one he would never forget.

The rule in the company is that every tree planter must undergo a certain amount of training before they are allowed to plant on their own plot of land. This training usually takes place in a sectioned off area affectionately called "The Nursery". The Foreman of the crew takes one or two new planters and shows them how to plant a tree properly.

What kind completely new skills might Bill be training in the Nursery?

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