I will not expound on the philosophical nature of trust and assurance. However, I would like to share Bill's story of how a tree planting foreman helped him earn a considerable amount of money in a short period of time.

Bill managed to get on with a reputable tree planting company based out of Prince George a few years ago. He had heard many things about tree planting from friends who had done it. He had been informed that the work was physically intense. In fact, some of his friends who had worked out in the bush had actually advised against him taking the job because it was such hard work.

They had told him that he would be working in all kinds of conditions ranging from blistering hot afternoons in fields filled with all manner of flying insect to frigid early mornings with even colder rain attacking from the darkened skies. However, Bill was also made aware that the money had the potential to be quite good.

Would you have taken the job?

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