Knights 1 Hecklers 0

[The organ player sits quietly staring grumpily at the free coffee tomorrow sign with his empty coffee cup belligerently but strategically positioned on the ancient instrument in the background behind the microphones that seem to make a perfect dissection of the space in which--now metaphorically separated yet continuously shared--two nervous students of hockey commentary await Edison's light bulb to illuminate the on air sign]

On air

Chad: Welcome fans to Junctionville Fictional Screenplay Arena where we have just watched the Alderson Knights, backstopped by some good goaltending and unwavering discipline on defense, fend off some mean attackers and slot a nifty one in skate into the locker room with a one nothing lead. The Hecklers, led by captain Titus Bartholemew, who seems to be having a tough time out there by the way, have been relentless in their offence attacking from all angles...shots from in front of the net, trying to jam it in from the side of the net, shots from the blue line...even shots from behind the net.
Eugene: Yeah. Behind the goalie's back. Lucky for the post a couple of times too.
Chad: Absolutely. Eugene, overall how would you character the pace of the first period?
Eugene: Well Chad that's a good question. It was slow as molasses.
Chad: I would agree. It seemed as if the Knights were playing a slow defensive game almost on purpose. Even when the Hecklers opened up the ice and began to send all three men in, the Knights just kept dumping the puck in and sticking to the game plan. Eugene, before we pause for a commercial break, just break down the style of defensive play characterized by the Knights in the first period.
Eugene: Well, it wasn't all defensive, Chad. You see they came out strong but then after the first couple of shifts got into some penalty trouble. They had what was it...
Chad: Well #21 took two unnecessary fighting right after another and that put the Knights in a hole for a while.
Eugene: And the Rabbit on the Knights was just out of the picture for the entire last 15 minutes. What was up with that?
Chad: Yes but fortunately, it looks like he might be able to turn it around. Good thing for Nico the Cat. More about that and Eugene's analysis of the goal that gave the Knights the edge going into the 2nd period...right after this.

On air

[The organ player sits quietly yet grumpily looking at his three quarters empty coffee cup, which has now been completely displaced from the saucer squatting audaciously on the ancient organ top. Chad and Eugene glance at each other's to go coffee cup with the most inexpensive house coffee available to members of the media at the Fictional Screenplay Arena]

Chad: Now Eugene, let's take a look at the goal right at the end of the first period.
Eugene: It's really simple for all of those fans out there who listen to the radio but did not have the opportunity to see it. It was simply a great save by the goalie that turned into a gutsy individual effort followed by some good work to get the man into a scoring position.
Chad: Yeah...let's look at it. The play starts all the way back in the Alderson end. The Hecklers started peppering the goalie but the save that kicked the puck out to the corner right onto #21's stick was the one that started the play back up ice.
Eugene: That's right. #21 had been knocked down and even had a glove rubbed in his face...but when he got up the puck came right to him...and all of the Hecklers had been so sure that they would score a goal...they were all right in front of the net. That gave #21 some skating room up the right wing.
Chad: Right, but he had very little support didn't he.
Eugene: That's right. The Rabbit just hung back and was in his own world figure skating around the goal line, the Adanac was just happy to get the puck out of the zone, the Keeper just tried to stay out of the play as much as possible...only Nico the Cat had the grit and a burst of energy to take a few strides over the blue line and skate up with the play.
Chad: And what a beautiful move on this two on two here to get into the zone.
Eugene: That's right, Nico the Cat runs some interference with some stylish cross-over moves and creates a lane straight at the net...where #21 neatly tucks it into the top corner where mommy keeps the Joe Louis sandwiches.
Chad: And the puck actually touches Nico the Cat so one assist to the talented forward. We'll be back with 2nd period predictions right after this.

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On air

[The organ player leans over his ancient instrument his head bobbing in unison to the organ flaps at the ends of the pipes. His coffee is completely full with his left hand wrapped around it and right hand madly finishing the song. A terrible echo reverberates through the radio room at the Junctionville Fictional Screenplay Arena. Chad and Eugene both wait for the music to mercilessly end]

Organ Player: Oh we are on air.

[The organ player suddenly stops playing and grumpily looks at full cup of coffee, takes out a few hundred dollars from his money clip, and deliberately counts his money before throwing a Twoonie and a couple of nickels on the piano top. He then turns to catch the eye of both Chad and Eugene and begins to speak]

Organ Player: This is the money for the coffee.
Eugene: Yeah obviously.
Chad: Eugene we are on the air again and Eugene...what do you see coming up in the second period for both teams?
Eugene: Well first, Alderson now has an edge so they can afford to open up and start going on the offense again. Hopefully that goal has enough in it to rally some of the troops in the dressing room. The Rabbit really needs to step up along with the Adanac and the Keeper. But they are all experienced hockey players so you know...sometimes it's just a matter of a good shift or two.
Chad: And how about the Hecklers?
Eugene: Well we have seen them play for years. They need their captain Titus Bartholomew to start believing in himself...he's the key. He's gotta be a leader. I mean that's why the Steeler brought him in right?
Chad: Yeah it would definitely seem so from our back alley conversations. The Hecklers are always going to play the same kind of game and need some leadership and the Knights have to keep grinding away and get more of their players in the game. We will take you to the puck drop for the 2nd period, which will comprise of a guide to the construction of the PFT website from a graphic design reference point. This guide is intended for the Rabbit, the Adanac and the Keeper.

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