B. Standard Button CE Images. The screenshot shows the random user homeroom landing page for students and teachers.


The Standard Button CE Images are


Some are used here again on the Sign Up Landing page (the penultimate page in the registration funnel).

Sign Up

The Standard Button CE Image can vary but note that the color in the longer button above is the same as the other Standard Button CE representing the same visual function.

In the screenshot below, there is a mix of RC Image (The Picture at the Top), CE Table (The table containing the already created teacher marks) and Standard Button CE Image (the big Register Button at the bottom).

This is the page leading from the White Flag on the PFSchool Path.

Sign Up

The RC Images in the grid are

RC Images

Notice how they are distinguished from the Clickable Pastel CE Images, which are found on the PFSchool Path.

CE Images

Move Forward
Click the Forward Button
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