I. The Raw Concept (RC) is the product of an agreement among the content developer, web developer and graphic designer pertaining to the overall direction of the website as it meets the aims of the company/mission statement.

The PFT website aims to facilitate relationships among teachers, students and business. Therefore, the design must be accessible to an eclectic audience (i.e. gender, age, income bracket etc). This requires consultation, experimentation, adjustment, revision, and the final decision.

There are other factors that also affect the RC. The RC guide icons must be adaptable in the sense that they must be extended into several functional visual representations (i.e. navigation buttons, icons with no words, big buttons etc.). The RC must also consider the number of items in the finite set. When a fixed number of icons is identified at the beginning of the project, decisions about color range, style and texture can be made.


The screenshot above is the Module #1 Start Page. On this page there are 5 RC images:

RC Images

The Module #1 Start Page also has three concept extension images (CE). They are as follows:

CE Images

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