Appendix 1. PFT Website Graphic Design Inventory.

Raw Concept

Homeroom, Start Here, Prepare, Feedback, Train, My Notebook, Rep, Checkpoint, Assessment, Register, Class List, Checkpoint Flag, PFT Binder, Watch Me Teach, Students, Teacher, PFCredit, Purchase PFCredit, Teacher Roster, Promote Yourself, Activate Students,Schedule, Module Computer, Lesson Computer, Play Button, Pause Button PFSchool Path Map, Nico the Cat x 9 (9 different positions) White Flag Teacher Mark, Blue Flag Teacher Mark, PFTeacher Mark, PFSchool Mark)

Extended Concept

Type 1

PFSchool Teacher Grid, PFT Assessment Sheet Big Buttons, Progress Bar in Gravity Form

Type 2

Pastel Icons (white flag, register, class list, checkpoint, blue flag, pftbinder, pfcredit, teacher roster, promote students, activate, pfschool, Teacher Student Desk Image, Under Construction Image, Vertical PFT Image, Company Diagram, Teacher Orientation Equilibrium Drawings*

Banner CE Images

Prepare x 3, Homeroom x 3, Start Here x3, Watch Me Teach x 3, Feedback, Train, Request Feedback, Live Class Checklist, Student Homeroom, Teacher Homeroom, Blue Flag Teacher Homeroom*, PFTeacher Homeroom*, PFSchool Homeroom*, Teacher Notes, Teacher Notes (Just Start), Teacher Notes (Blue Flag Teachers), Teacher Notes (PFTeachers), Teacher Notes (PFSchools), PFT Binder x 4, Class List, Get on a Class List, Checkpoint, Purchase PFCredit, Become a PFStudent, Take a Class, I Need Help, Teacher Orientation

Standard Button CE Images

My Notebook, Feedback x 3, Request Feedback x2, Train x 3
Live Class Checklist x2, Start Here x3, PFSchool Path x 2, Students, Register x 3, Sequential Schedule, Get on a Class List x 2, Become a PFStudent x 3, Take a Class x 2, Rep, Checkpoint, Assessment, Checkpoint Survey, Purchase, PFCredit, Teacher Roster, Activate Students

Navigation Bar CE Images

Register, My Notebook, Teacher Homeroom, Teacher Notes, Purchase PFCredit, Homeroom, Checkpoint, Take a Class PFT Binder, Activate Students, Class List, PFSchool Path, Promote Yourself, Sequential Schedule, Get on a Class List

Page Layout

Top Page, Intermediate Start Page, Lesson Page Template, Interview Video, Explanation Video, Rep, Checkpoint, Assessment, Confirmation, Notification Email Page, Train Page, Teacher Notes Page

PDF Documents

PFT Assessment Sheet x5, A Mark Orientation, A Mark Live Class, A Mark Student Teacher Agreement

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