The simplest way to do it is to study functionality of the Raw Concept images on the PFT website. Think about your own website on the PFT framework and contact a graphic designer who has the fortitude to work through the process listed above.

You will also need a willing and able and capable web developer to build a wire frame membership website on a timeline and a content developer with guts enough to supply preparation, feedback and training session material before graphic design work is applied to get a true gauge of how effectively the graphic designer translates the verbose verbal explanation into simple succinct visual representations. Having said that, the most important two things is for all to agree who is in charge and to work by faith.

Appendix 1 provides a rough summary of the categories of work needed to be performed by the graphic designer to go from zero to market on a website built on a PFT membership framework.

Use it as a starting point and make it better for your own project. If you are good at what you do and you need help, Jogo can help you.

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