A page can be laid out when all of the CE's have been uploaded to the website.


5. Graphic Designer, web developer and content developer meet to discuss page layout. Note how the names of the lessons, the numbering of reps/checkpoint/assessment and name and title of module have already been decided. In addition, there is a logo mark on the page.

6. The following pages need to be arranged first in order to begin testing content against website short code architecture (i.e. make the pages jump to the correct course for that particular student etc...)

  • Top page
  • Intermediate Student Start Page
  • Start Here Page
  • Lesson Page Template
  • Gravity Form Question/Explanation Video Page
  • Gravity Form Rep
  • Gravity Form Checkpoint
  • Gravity Form Assessment
  • Gravity Form Feedback Flags
  • Gravity Form Confirmation Page
  • Gravity Form Notification
  • Teacher Notes Start Page
  • Teacher Notes
  • Request Feedback
  • Live Class Checklist
  • Homeroom
  • My Notebook

All RC Images must be completed before the above pages are laid out. This is necessary because the CE Images depend on this including feedback flags, teacher marks, student teacher desk image and under construction image.

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