[The organ player leans his coffee stained elbow patch on the organ top as he watches what is left of the Heckler fans at Junctionville trickle out of their seats and stride for the exits with a protective air of indifference. The arena is eerily quiet as the organ player grumpily looks down at the last of his coffee with both hands firmly holding on to his James Earl Jones & Sons coffee mug in an effort to woo the last remnants of the bitter sweet aroma up to his senses]

On air

Chad: Welcome back fans to the Junctionville Fictional Screenplay Arena where the score remains one to nothing Knights over the Hecklers...Eugene the end of the 2nd period have left fans in bewilderment.
Eugene: You got that right. Everything suddenly just vanished. I mean lights out you're cut off. It was like the Iowa Baseball Confederacy coming to an end. Predictable though.
Chad: Eugene we will get to that analysis in the post game...erm...or post period analysis. Let's just recap what I would just call a bizarre scene on the ice here in this second period. With the exception of one forecheck late in the period, Eugene it looked more like an extended warm up rather than a game.
Eugene: You hit the nail on the head there, Chad. The center ice marker was the border that's for sure. Both teams performed complex training drills on either side of the ice. About half-way through the period the lights began to dim on the Junctionville side though.
Chad: That's right...But we saw a few standard practice drills performed by #21. The Adanac tip toed over the blue line and the Keeper actually managed to get in the game and throw a weak backhand excuse me for showing up shot on net.
Eugene: Well Chad gotta shoot the puck.
Chad: That's right. And we will have the Keeper come join us from the dressing room live in a few moments...but Eugene before that, let's talk about the penalties in the second period.
Eugene: That's right...there was a delay of game call there by the referee that was served by Nico the Cat...the Cat didn't come back out of the box right away but stewed there a while and the Knights erm #21 had to do their...uhhh his practice drills a player short...
Chad: And a few more players piled in the box after every one dropped the gloves on the Alderson side of center ice.
Eugene: Yeah and the funny thing was, the referee himself was right in the middle of it. And you know Chad, perhaps being all stuffed in that penalty box together was a good thing because two more players got in the game.
Chad: That's right Eugene. Got a chance to talk a bit I suppose...more on that and live interviews with the Keeper and the Adanac coming up right after this.

On air

[The Flower struts in and walks straight over to the organ player, wrestles the empty coffee mug from out his desperate grip and defiantly shuts the lid over the color faded organ keys. The organ player wearily looks up and begrudgingly leaves his stool]

Organ Player: I will miss the bitter coffee from the coffee lady.
Eugene: Yeah well perhaps the next guy will have different tastes in music from the Stee...
Chad: And Eugene we are on the air again and Eugene let's talk about what happened after the fiasco in the Alderson end there late in the second.
Eugene: Well Chad both the Adanac and the Keeper jumped out of the box and got Cry River to hop the boards for the first time.
Chad: That's right. Cry River nonchalantly meandered into the Heckler zone and together with the Keeper put a small tiny little bit of pressure on the Junctionville captain. Joining us now live from the dressing room is Alderson Knight the Keeper. Keeper thanks for joining us.
The Keeper: Uhhh...Happy to be here.
Chad: What were you thinking about as you floated into the Heckler zone on one of the few cherry picking expeditions...erm shifts that showed the existence of a pulse for the Knights in that second period.
The Keeper: Well you know...I am happy to uhhh do my job and help my team.
Chad: And speaking of team you had a shift with Cry River.
The Keeper: Yeah uhhh...you know we don't skate that much together uhhh...not even in practice you know so uhhh...it was good doing some drills and getting the puck into the Heckler zone...but you are right you know uhhh...we need to get more players in the game and some of the guys are rallying in the dressing room to do just that.
Chad: Ok thank you very much for taking the time.
The Keeper: No problem thanks for having me...Hardly...
Chad: And Eugene...sorry what was that Keeper?
The Keeper: Hardly broke a sweat.
Chad: That was the Keeper threading carefully on the Knights coming live with us from the dressing room. Eugene what did you think of the forecheck?
Eugene: I don't know what kind of league these guys played in but when we went in to forecheck we went in hard and had to at least knock the guy off the puck. And if you didn't get him off the puck you gave him a tap with your stick across the ankles to let him know you're coming next time too. This kind of feely peely forechecking...I don't get it Chad frankly speaking.
Chad: Well Eugene, the Knights sure needed somebody to show some life and they got some from the Adanac, Cry River, Keeper line. We'll be right back with third period predictions after this.

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[The Flower walks back in and sticks his chest out]

On air

The Flower: Ok I need you guys out of here after this clip, 30 seconds you guys.
Chad: Welcome back fans of the Junctionville saga and well Eugene five means six on free pool night because the Flower never works on Monday, so why don't we recap what went on tonight followed by a third period prediction.
Eugene: Chad. Only one way Junctionville is going to tie it up and that is if the SL goes straight at the Alderson Goalie during the warm up in the 3rd.
Chad: You heard it folks. We are going to gulp up our coffees and come back for the 3rd if any fans at all show up at all...hopefully quality fans and no chickens or scared little bunny rabbits.

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