I. Choose a Lexical Item

The first step in creating your PFT Activity is to choose a lexical item.  It is helpful to choose an item with the purpose in mind.  The purpose of the PFT Activity is to help promote yourself and your teaching services.  

Potential clients will consider not only your reputation (i.e. the quality of teachers on your Teacher Roster, the businesses that you collaborate with and other PFT Activities and PFT Modules in your PFT Binder), but they will also study your PFT Activity and use it to learn.  

This interaction is an important initial step in the recruiting process.  As a result, take your time when choosing the lexical item that is to be the focus of your PFT Activity.

I have chosen to demonstrate one process that the teacher may use to construct her or his own PFT Activity.  The lexical item I have chosen for my Front Window Watch Me Teach video is:

professional (adj)

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