V.  Finalize your Context

I have completed my research on the key concepts contained within my target language.  The target language sentence in my Watch Me Teach video is:  

"She was very professional"

First, I know that it is an adjective, so I will attempt to elicit this in the mind of the student.  I have chosen to use the following question at the end of my short video presentation:  

What adjective can I use to describe this person? 

Second, I have chosen to make my PFT Activity a speaking task in which the student is providing a description of a former colleague.  As a result, I should make my video reflect both the time reference and the genre.  I will choose to say something like this in my video presentation:  

I would like to tell you about some people that I used to work with.  

Third, I know that I need to convey within a clear context the core concepts of my target language.   Here are my list of concept statements: 

  • She was skilled at her job. (Perhaps I can mention something about her knowledge of language in my video presentation)
  • She was well trained as an ESL teacher. (I can mention her level of expertise or qualification) 
  • She was effective and organized in her job.  (I can use the word organized perhaps with a reference to how her meetings were always organized).
  • She was serious at work.  (I might decide to give the example that she talked about only work at the job place) 
  • She behaved and presented appropriately at work. (Perhaps I can mention something about how she dressed and how her language was appropriate in the staff room)
  • She did everything her job expected her to do.  (I could just say this directly during my presentation)

I don't need to write out my entire video context transcript at this time for the record (contrary to the A Mark NINE CONSTRUCTION published on the PFT website).  The best way to do it is to think about what you want to say to the camera before you say it.  Now that I have worked out my concept statements and translated them on paper, I can easily write out the coherent narrative or anecdote later. 

Finally, I need to figure out how to grade my language so that the students will actually comprehend the context and core concepts of "professional". 

Before sitting down in front of the video camera, I need to look carefully at this context and extend on it in my contextual gap fill activity, which is coming up at the next stage. 

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