VI.  Construct your Gap Fill

Here is the gap fill that I have constructed for my PFT Activity:  

A very long time ago, I used to work for a tree planting company. I must say, the camp director was one of the most _________ individuals I have ever met and had the privilege of working for. He was an expert not only at giving directions but also motivating people to follow. He also always spoke in a respectful manner to everyone in the camp. He made his requests polite yet firm, and he never talked about anything besides work during the work day. He was always on time for meetings, and he made sure not to waste the time of others. 

Do you notice the following? 

  • The gap fill is set in a context different from the one in the video presentation.  
  • The gap fill contains enough context to contain key concepts.   
  • The core concepts of the meaning of only the aspect of my target language are conveyed (i.e.  I did not suddenly ask the students to think about all of the other meanings of "professional"). 
  • The gap fill is restricted in nature (i.e. I tried to make it so that "professional" is the most probable lexical item to fit in the gap.
  • There is only one gap because this lexical item contains only one word.
  • The gap is already grammaticalized (i.e. I have constructed it so that the student does not have to transform the target into the correct word form). 

There is an explanation video that the PFT website has planned for you the teacher to make to fit into this slot. This video will provide the answer to this contextual gap fill activity. But you must show your student as well as tell them and let them process before advancing through your lesson plan.

Guidelines are glossed over in the next post on this A Mark website.

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