Complete the application form in four steps. Please note that all observed teaching practice sessions are conducted on Mondays (Vancouver, BC Pacific Time Zone).

Step 1: Watch Me Teach Profile Check

Provide a link to your Watch Me Teach activity on the PFT website. Login to English Junction Press with PFT and enter your user ID.

Confirm that you meet the minimum application requirements.
Step 2: Qualification and Teaching Experience Check

  • Cambridge English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
  • Minimum 3000 hours of ESL teaching experience
  • Lived and worked in Vancouver for at least one consecutive year

Step 3: Observed Teaching Practice

Book an observed teaching practice time slot with the local A Mark Director of Studies. You will be asked to demonstrate your teaching skills and knowledge of the A Mark 30 Live Class format.

Once you submit the form, pay the application fee (15 CAD +tax) to reserve your spot. A Mark will refer a student to you after you pass the observed teaching practice session.

Junction Board Express

Join the A Mark Teacher Roster after successfully completing the 21 Day A Mark Teacher Training Camp on the Junction Board Express.

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This teacher training overview course gave me the tools to run IELTS classes with Prepare Feedback Train.

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