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Stage Six

VI.  Construct your Gap Fill Here is the gap fill that I have constructed for my PFT Activity:   A very long time ago, I used to work for a tree planting company. I must say, the camp director was one of the most _________ individuals I have ever met and had the privilege of working for. He was an expert not only at giving … Read More Stage Six


Stage FIVE

V.  Finalize your Context I have completed my research on the key concepts contained within my target language.  The target language sentence in my Watch Me Teach video is:   “She was very professional” First, I know that it is an adjective, so I will attempt to elicit this in the mind of the student.  I have chosen to use the following question at the … Read More Stage FIVE


Stage FOUR

IV.  Plan ahead to your PFT Activity The final stage in this paradigm is the Train stage.  However, I must start thinking about the training activity before executing my preparation and feedback stages.  This activity could be a freer speaking or writing activity.  The activity should be designed to maximize the chances of and create optimal conditions for the target language (professional) to emerge … Read More Stage FOUR



III.  Analyze the meaning The first place to look in is the dictionary.   I want to be sure of some of the embedded strands of meaning or concepts contained within my bit of target language. The first use of the word professional does not match the set of core concepts that I would like to present to my students.   The second entry seems … Read More Stage THREE


Stage TWO

II. Put it in a Context Now that you have a lexical item, the next step is to put it into a meaningful context for yourself.  Note that this is not the final context that you will present to students but rather only the start of the planning process.  The lexical item that I have chosen to convey through my activity is: professional  (adjective) … Read More Stage TWO


Stage ONE

I. Choose a Lexical Item The first step in creating your PFT Activity is to choose a lexical item.  It is helpful to choose an item with the purpose in mind.  The purpose of the PFT Activity is to help promote yourself and your teaching services.   Potential clients will consider not only your reputation (i.e. the quality of teachers on your Teacher Roster, the … Read More Stage ONE

2nd Intermission

[The organ player leans his coffee stained elbow patch on the organ top as he watches what is left of the Heckler fans at Junctionville trickle out of their seats and stride for the exits with a protective air of indifference. The arena is eerily quiet as the organ player grumpily looks down at the last of his coffee with both hands firmly holding … Read More 2nd Intermission



IV. PDF Documents. There are several PDF Documents on this website. Some of these are scalable because of their adaptability while others are a one off. Note that the Module #1 PFT Assessment Sheets contain a company logo, layout of pre-existing content along with CE Images and proper footer accompanied by documentation. This type of document requires several consultation and revision sessions among the … Read More 11:00

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