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1st Intermission

[The organ player sits quietly staring grumpily at the free coffee tomorrow sign with his empty coffee cup belligerently but strategically positioned on the ancient instrument in the background behind the microphones that seem to make a perfect dissection of the space in which–now metaphorically separated yet continuously shared–two nervous students of hockey commentary await Edison’s light bulb to illuminate the on air sign] … Read More 1st Intermission


Preparation Patterns

In each situation above, you may have noticed a pattern. Preparation before the event can only help each of these people to succeed. In all three fictional cases, providing detailed knowledge of the genre of the event helps to build expectation of that event. It is then up to the trainee to act in accordance with that expectation. For example, James the hockey player … Read More Preparation Patterns


A Focus

In your practice business pitch, you were succinct when presenting main information about your product. 1 2 3 4 5presented facts instead of speculating about the future 1 2 3 4 5defended your assumptions effectively 1 2 3 4 5presented ways to save money in the operating budget 1 2 3 4 5maintained a focus on marketing a single product 1 2 3 4 … Read More A Focus



Ron asked me for help with this student, and we talked about the same things as you as an expert in your own area of teaching are possibly aware of. From your experience, you might know that when a student is preparing for an event, there are often many things going through their minds. Their ideas of success can be very different from the … Read More Criteria



Here are the list of main points that he wanted her to be aware of before she met him to practice…


A Business Presentation

Sheryl was a recent college graduate who has developed an interesting and potentially profitable computer software product. She decided that she wanted to present her business plan to a group of angel investors in order to raise capital to launch her business. However, she had never made this sort of pitch before. She knew her product well and had explained what it was to … Read More A Business Presentation


An Investment

“One day you will use some of the grammar and vocabulary from this activity in your everyday conversation too! But you need to try it in class first!” Linda still needs to decide on the teaching framework that she would like to use during the class before the FSW activity. Perhaps she will choose to present the language first through a written text. She … Read More An Investment


Building Preparation

Based on the principles of expectational knowledge we have gathered so far, she asked herself the following questions. 1. What prior knowledge can I give students about the activity itself that will increase their chances of success?2. How can I assure students that they will be able to complete this task successfully? Linda thought about this and decided the simplest way was to write … Read More Building Preparation


Find Someone Who

Linda is teaching upper beginner level students in a General English class. The objective of the class is to better enable her students to use the Present Perfect to talk about personal experiences. For example: I have been to Australia.I have never eaten Sushi before.She has ridden a motorcycle before.They both have studied English in their own countries. She has decided to set a … Read More Find Someone Who


Strengthening Beliefs

It turned out that all Bill needed was a boost of confidence in the process. The foreman accomplished this by using evidence from the veteran planters to build expectation in his mind. Thus, the foreman demonstrated a second important principle associated with delivering expectational knowledge: Expectational knowledge should aim to strengthen the belief in the trainee that the given course of action will yield … Read More Strengthening Beliefs


All you need is…

“My first paycheque was a bill too. Now I am making $300 a day minimum. It took me about a month to get to that point. Trust the foreman. He will get you through it. I’m tired so I am going to bed now.” Well, the last part was implied by the exhausted looks many of their faces, but as each of them made … Read More All you need is…


A Tactic

In a state of despair, Bill packed up his tent and drove back to Vancouver. This posed a problem for the foreman of the crew. He had just lost a planter, which would affect productivity. How could the foreman keep rookie planters from quitting after the first week without coddling them? After all, the foreman himself was once a tree planter. After a few … Read More A Tactic