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How it Works


Students complete and submit preparation modules on the PFT website. Students find teacher profiles and links to Watch Me Teach videos on the English Junction Press website. All teachers conduct classes over the internet using the A Mark 30 Live Class format.


Students book classes with A Mark Training Co., but they request teachers according to their preference from Teacher profiles and Watch Me Teach. Students submit the request feedback form to A Mark Training the day before class. A Mark then shares this request with the teacher.


A Mark Training Co. contacts teachers directly to fill classes. If A Mark finds a suitable teacher and matching availability for the student's request, A Mark will confirm with both and hold the teacher's tuition fee until all of the administration is complete.

After successful Check-In and Check-Out by both student and teacher on the English Junction Press website application, the teacher's class is logged and payment is discharged to the teacher's account.

*Please read the A Mark/Teacher Agreement in the Terms of Service for the most updated payment delivery schedule. All payments are made electronically after a minimum number of classes are taught and successfully logged into the English Junction Press website.

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