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Class Instructions

  1. Prepare for your live class (In-person or Zoom) by studying the online lessons in this module. Start here.
  2. Request feedback on the PFT website. Select reps, checkpoints and assessment tasks that you would like feedback about in a live class. Coming Soon.
  3. Check in to the Junction Room from your Class Schedule. Receive assessment feedback from your teacher, who is on the A Mark Teacher Roster.
A Mark 30 Live Class

Find a Teacher

Look for a teacher who is familiar with this module and is available to give you feedback about assessment tasks that you select before attending class. Take live classes over the internet or in person according to the teacher's availability.
Find a teacher on the English Junction Press JBoard.
Find a teacher on the PFT Take a Class page.
Register on the PFT website for free. Connect your account to A Mark. If you have already connected your account and want to complete Module #2, click Login Here.