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Task #30: Question
IELTS Academic Reading
Is it a good idea to match words from sentences in paragraphs that you understand to words in the list of headings that you understand?
List of Headings

i.Identifying problems
ii. Effects on scientists
iii. Private labs as competitors

Paragraph A

Genetic engineering has produced some controversial products in recent years. Although humans have been modifying the DNA of organisms throughout history, direct experiments on animals, humans, and food products have raised ethical, economic and ecological concerns. One example of this is the protection of intellectual property as many genetically manufactured products are considered to be owned by the company who produced them.

Paragraph B

These problems have had consequences for natural scientists, who rely heavily on the process of genetic engineering as a part of their livelihoods. Bacteria are widely used for storage and modification. However, with more and more issues arising around litigation and ethics, the process must be carefully monitored. One scientist in a true endeavor to develop and progress their field must be wary of competing private laboratories to make products for commercial use for profit.

Paragraph C

The issues extend beyond the effects on the lives of scientists...

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