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Task #5: Question
IELTS Academic Reading
Look in the summary task. Do you see any clear location words?

Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the reading passage for each answer.

Despite having many benefits, the internet can be abused and used to 1............. other people. This form of aggressive behaviour is called “cyberbullying”, which can be worse than traditional bullying due to a number of different factors. First, it allows for the person making the attacks to be 2......................... Another reason is the fact that this bullying now extends into the 3.................. of the child. Children no longer have a place to be safe from this kind of bullying.

The internet is a wonderful tool that can be used for sharing valuable information. However, this same technology can be used to antagonize and make hurtful comments. This is a particularly serious problem among the youth of society. Single acts of aggression can now be distributed to large groups of people containing disparaging remarks or embarrassing pictures. This new form of hostile activity is commonly known as “cyberbullying”, and it is considered even worse than other forms of traditional face-to-face bullying for a number of reasons.

The biggest reason is the fact that the internet is a breeding ground for anonymous attackers. A child with a high level of technological knowledge can do one of many things to hurt other children. First, they can hack into accounts and send unwanted messages to other people. This is particularly frustrating for many children because it leaves them with a feeling of powerlessness. Another thing an anonymous bully can do is to post pictures or messages on school chat room pages.

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