Or junior coaches might be searching for a smart defensive minded player to play behind their returning veteran goal scorers. If James was a prolific goal scorer in minor hockey, he might need to concentrate more on defensive positioning and back checking during the hockey camp in order to impress the coaches and make the cut.

One more bit of general information about junior hockey camps that stands out is the general acceptance of fighting at this stage. Now, I don't necessarily condone fighting, but this expectation seems universal among coaches and players alike all over Canada. James has probably never been in a hockey fight in minor hockey. He would need to be aware that this aggressive act may be directed against him during the camp.

The dressing room culture in junior hockey is even different. Players are older and often have more experience. They talk about different things, approach social situations in different ways and even sometimes display acts of bullying. However, James has no idea what to expect from the camp. He only has his prior knowledge and experience to inform him, which may not...

Do you think this might be an advantage or disadvantage?

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