We begin with some fictional scenarios both within and extraneous to ESL teaching and learning in which preparation leads to favorable results. I will then promote three key principles of preparation to consider and build a website centered around these. Finally, we will provide a guide for you the teacher to start your PFT binder and produce your own Watch Me Teach video to promote your own teaching services to students.

James is an aspiring 16 year old hockey player who gets invited to a major junior hockey training camp. If you are familiar with Canadian hockey culture, you will be aware that these camps are a grueling test of both physical and mental strength in addition to a meticulous evaluation of a player's talent and toughness. In addition, junior hockey coaches often look for specific types of players to best complete their team roster in order to win.

For example, coaches might be looking for more speed up front to balance their existing toughness. During the try-out, they may decide to set particular drills to assess this particular skill. James may or may not have seen these drills in his minor hockey practices, where the coaches are often volunteers who have attended basic hockey coaching camps to ensure players receive minimally adequate practice and skill development.

Or junior coaches might be searching for...

What else might they be looking for?

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