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Teacher Notes

Course Offering (Spring 2021)

A Mark Training Co. offers the A Mark IELTS Speaking Course to students in the Spring 2021 session. All individual classes take place within a 21 Day Schedule for students. Students may choose to let A Mark recommend teachers from the A Mark Teacher Roster, or they may request a specific teacher after viewing the teacher Watch Me Teach.

Class Procedure

After you agree to teach a student after A Mark Training has contacted you with an offer, you prepare for class with the teacher notes which correspond to the student preparation module that you are scheduled to teach.

You are compensated for pre-, while and post-class tasks associated with the A Mark Training Co./Teacher agreement that you read and understand before A Mark Training sends you students to teach. Each stage has been designed to support the student in their studies.

Stage Procedure and Notes
Language Knowledge
Access the teacher notes on the PFT website. Familiarize yourself with the training session materials and class format.
Student Check-In Invite
(1 min)
Connect with your student on the pre-arranged video conference platform. Invite them to check in to the Junction Room with Junction Room Id that you pass on to them.
Teacher Check-In
(1 min)
Confirm that both you and your student are ready to take the class by checking into the Junction Room for your class.
Preparation Review
(5 min)
Take a few minutes to review student online preparation which is available in the Junction Room.
Live Class
(30 min)
Run your live class according to the A Mark Live 30 format. Start and finish class on time. Provide verbal assessment feedback at the end of the class.
Assessment Feedback Record
(2 min)
Complete the form in the Junction Room by clicking buttons to indicate the kind of feedback you gave your student during the live class.
Teacher Check-Out
(1 min)
Confirm that both you and your student successfully completed the class.

Pre-Class and Check-In : 7 min
Live Class (One-to-One): 30 min
Assessment Feedback and Check-Out : 3 min

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