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Module #1: Preparation Point Sentences

Assessment Feedback comments

Read the instructions, watch the video and study the feedback comments before you request feedback.


  1. Study the online preparation and do all the tasks and exercises by hand. Start here.
  2. Request feedback about reps, checkpoints and assessment tasks before you attend class.
  3. Take your live class with a teacher using the A Mark 30 Live Class format.


Your teacher will use the following feedback comments as you work through the assessment tasks in this module.

You demonstrated knowledge of the steps to write a preparation point sentence about a percentage of something.
You worked through the reps before class.
You worked through the checkpoint tasks before class.
You correctly formed the point sentences in the assessment tasks. 
You were able to work independently while forming the preparation point sentence. 
You did not make many spelling errors in your point sentences. 
It is recommended that you begin to think about varying your lexis in the point sentence to increase the range of your lexical resource.
You were familiar with the steps to write the point sentence but had to continually look at your notes. 
The speed at which you wrote your point sentences was slightly below average.  Work on speeding up a little.
Some of your point sentences were inaccurate.  You need to go back and do some extra practice with different tasks.
You needed more support from your classmates and teacher than was expected.
You made some errors with word choice in the point sentence.  Concentrate on simple sentences for now.
You did not demonstrate any prior knowledge of the steps to write a point sentence. 
You spent a little too long on the assessment tasks.  Go back and review the online lessons to gain more confidence. 
Many of your point sentences were inaccurate.  You need to carefully review the steps and study examples of correct point sentences.
You needed a considerable amount of help from your teacher.  Please come to class prepared with your questions in mind. 
You made frequent spelling errors.  Some of these took away from communicating your meaning clearly. 
You made quite a few errors with respect to choosing X and/or the main verb in your point sentence.  You need to go back and review before moving forward. 
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