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Module #6: Grouping Information and Paragraphing

Read the class instructions, watch the video and download the homework pack to further prepare for your class.

Class Instructions

  1. Study the online preparation and do all the tasks and exercises by hand. Start here.
  2. Select reps, checkpoints and assessment tasks that you would like feedback about in a live class.
  3. Take your live class with a teacher using the A Mark 30 Live Class format.

Well done! You have completed your preparation for Class #6. Be sure to request feedback in advance from your teacher before your class starts. And expect to practice writing in front of your teacher in class. Watch the video for more information.

Homework Pack

Find answer keys, extra practice and links to more resources in the Module #6 Homework Pack. Review this document before you request feedback.

Take a Live Class

Look for a teacher who is familiar with this module and is available to give you feedback about assessment tasks that you select before attending class. Take live classes over the internet or in person according to the teacher's availability.

Find a Teacher from Vancouver

Find a Teacher from the World

Find a teacher on the English Junction Press JBoard. Coming Soon
Find a teacher on the PFT Take a Class page.